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Welcome to This Weighty Crazy Life…I’m privileged to be able to live it!

About TWCL

Newly remarried Christian mom of two daughters…a teen and an adopted tween (and now three stepkiddos!), with two purring fur-babies who allow us to live with them.  I’m finding who I really am, and more importantly…who God wants me to be.

Let’s talk about life, faith, coffee, bodyweight, children, adoption, RAD, stepfamilies, essential oils, having an herbal medicine cabinet, and being an avid Pinterest stalker and crafty DIYer.

But most importantly…let’s talk!


Thinking Of You (or…when people are just plain mean)

“Thinking of you.” A text I sent to my 14 year old Freshman daughter yesterday.  A spur of the moment thing.  A random uplift at 10:51 AM on a not-so-special Wednesday.  Just because. “needed that thank you <3” was the response from “Bug” in my least favorite text style containing zero grammar or punctuation.  At least …

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